Sunday, August 17, 2008

Day 3

I figured you should get to see the big picture. This is the living room, what you see when you walk in the front door. I just pulled a chair back to sit in for the shot.

It's not a bad sized room, it's just difficult because there are so many doors and windows (behind me now, on either side of the front door) and no good walls. I sort of created a wall with the tv cabinet and bookcases - otherwise, that "wall" is the stairway railings going up to the second floor.

To the left is the dining room and through to the kitchen. To the immediate right is the "ebay room," and the two doors you see in the upper right corner are to my daughter's room and the bathroom...then the stairs go up.

The cabinet/bookcase things does take up a lot of visual space, but without it, there's nowhere to put STUFF. And while I'm planning on getting rid of most of my furniture before I move, I have mixed feelings about that very useful piece. My daughter says "let it go, it's out-dated." And true, I want my next space to be a little more modern and clean, but still...I've had that longer than I've had HER (and she's 17).

Anyway, that's the center of the house. The first time I walked in, with the realtor, the owners had already moved out, and had left just a few pieces of furniture. The only thing in the room was a round table centered under the ceiling fixture (it's...for another post). I said, "oh! what a nice large foyer!" The realtor looked at me like I had two heads, and was like, "uh, this is the living room." Didn't matter, I was already sold by the front porch and the diamond-paned windows.


Iris said...

I love that piece of furniture. But then everything in my house is outdated (much like me).

Islipian said...

Aw, no way, Iris - you're a hip cat!