Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 4

I have a crushing weakness for built-ins. It's part of what keeps ending me up (grammar, much??) in old decrepit houses "with potential." I see a built-in, and I must live with it. This, obviously, is the kitchen. Sadly, my plates are just a skoonch too large, and the door won't actually close.

I got the...whateveryoucallthatpieceoffurniture (for some reason, I want to call it a "commode," just not like a toilet) underneath out of someone's trash many years ago. I've never had the heart to paint it, it's so nicely chippy, though it is starting to look a little beyond "shabby chic," and onto just "shabby." It doesn't hold much.

The walls are awful laminate sheeting - came with the house. That's the pantry to the right of the cabinet (photo left). You'll see more of that another day.


Iris said...

Oh I love the little table thingy underneath! I don't think it's shabby - it has character.

Islipian said...

yeah, from the front. whoever painted it many moons ago, did a Bettye, and didn't even paint the sides!

like my living room, I never painted the wall behind the tv cabinet/bookcases...I figured, whosever (is that a word?) going to see back there??