Monday, August 25, 2008

Day 10

Here's more of the (unpainted, Lauren!) kitchen - the window wall, with some close-up details. Seriously, it needs major work. And it's the one place I would *really* put some money if I had it, cuz I know an outdated (read: gross) kitchen can really cost me final value dollars. That's the corner of the fridge, photo the oven on the opposite wall, it blocks the base cabinet, and there's a big empty space photo left of the cabinets/counter (where u see the mop).

Those things hanging on the wall, are my color inspirations - they've been hanging there for at least ten years, ha, they don't call me Swifty for nothing!

Apple green walls, black and white toile window valances, white base cabinets with open shelving on the wall, black soapstone countertops and some red accessories. That was the vision. Ain't happening now.

This is my whopping huge straight-sided ironstone pitcher collection. I used to have more, but some were curvy pitchers and I decided to narrow the theme. Of course, these are harder to find.

My favorite kitchen accessory is my bunny butter dish. I got the original almost 20 years ago...about 10 years ago the bunny part fell on the floor and broke...I went through three other butter dishes over the next few years, never really happy with any of them, while I searched for my same bunny one - finally found one on ebay (yay), and have been butter-dish-happy ever since.


Iris said...

Oh I love the bunny butter dish too. Don't think I've ever seen one, but so much better than the generic butter dish :)

Islipian said...

Ha, too funny, just out of curiosity I did a quick check on ebay, and that exact dish is there, just one, and it ends in an hour! I'm contemplating bidding just so I have a spare! And it *is* artist-made (like the ebay listing says) I just can't think of the guy's name right now).

Item number: 290254473159


Carole and Chewy said...

That's a great color scheme for the kitchen - you could do it fairly easily - paint the cabinets in white latex enamel, apple green walls, paint and seal the countertops in black enamel (or get black formica cut at Lowe's or a habitat shop -maybe $40? Do the curtains in the black and white fabric - it's always so much easier to visualize other peoples houses instead of my own.