Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 11

Here's a little corner of my dining room, going from the living room to the kitchen. I think The Dining Room is my favorite room - and I think it's a shame that "open living" and "eat-in kitchens" sort of did-away with them. I love all the accoutrements of The Dining Room - dishes, and serving pieces, and china cabinets.

The Little White Table (yes, that is it's name - "Katie, where did you put the mail?" "On The Little White Table" "Do we have any batteries?" "Yes, look in The Little White Table") is inherited from my mother and her garage sale days. I never thought it was anything significant, besides a cute little simple table, but everytime I have an indoor tag sale, the furniture people all ask me what I want for it. I say it's not for sale, but their interest leads me to believe there must be something worthwhile about it, beyond its being Little and White.

That top picture, of the fruit, is needlepoint.

Another non-functioning lamp. I love the orange luster of this one, and the butterfly finial with dangly the blue-cabachon thing

I don't know what that item actually is, but it's been a great key and leash holder

I stick cards and interesting things that come in the mail, in that white planter - part of my matte-white pottery collection. I do have a nice collection of brown transferware - this is just part of it. I love transferware and collect brown, red, and black - though lost most of my black collection in The Great Black Transferware Crash of 200mumblemumblesomething. It's a sad sad story. I'm sure I have pictures somewhere. That's for another day.

I got this little bee skep charm/pendant in a box lot of jewelry at an auction. I set it on the picture just so it wouldn't get mixed in with stuff to sell, never dreaming it would stay there for like the next five years. Now the picture looks naked without it.


Hill upon hill said...

My husband's aunt has some of the same brown crockery. I don't know where to start with your blog, it looks lovely. I will enjoy browsing if I may with coffee in hand.

Hill upon hill said...

Nice to see your other blog. Another friend here in Sydney and I love your blogs.....