Sunday, October 19, 2008

10.19.08 Shadow Shot Sunday

on a sunny day around 2:00, in my office, i get this lovely shadow on the wall right beside the computer from the birch tree out front....soon the leaves will be gone, and the shadows will just be of twigs
for more shadow shots, visit Hey Harriet


Hey Harriet said...

Such sweet soft shadows! The twiggy ones will be an interesting contrast :)

Thanks for joining in SSS. Have a great week.

Hill upon Hill said...

That is so lovely. I love seeing what you think about capturing in your photo's.

Katanya said...

this looks like it's a textile design on neautral fabric, beautiful sss picture

Iris said...

How interesting.

Claire, said...

This is so lovely! I'm in love with this silhouette, it's a beautiful pattern, looks like a wallpaper pattern. Or as if you have drawn it, a negative space piece.

valeria said...

Hi Islipian!
I have been looking at your blog and I like it so much! It is cosy and inspiring. I enjoyed seeing your home and activities. I will come again!